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What is CEM Dashboard - 2PA?

A benchmarking solution for plan sponsors who mandate liability-driven investing with a two-portfolio approach (2PA). It provides separate cost and performance insights for your return-seeking and liability-hedging portfolios, allowing you to support your asset allocation decisions based on peer comparisons.

CEM Dashboard with 2PA benchmarking will help you assess the relative position of your investment program against two sets of peers. You can:

  • Benchmark against two different peer-groups for cost and risk for optimal comparability.

  • Expand your analysis by diving into each of your portfolios; return-seeking and liability-hedging.

  • Assess the cost and performance of your investment program. Your cost peer group is chosen based on your size and asset mix.

  • Validate your risk management decisions by benchmarking key metrics against the risk peer-group. Your risk peer group is chosen taking into account your plan status, duration of liabilities and funded status.

  • Understand how individual asset classes (and mandates*) contribute to total portfolio cost and performance.

  • Compare differences in hedging levels, composition of return seeking and hedging assets, trends in hedging ratios, and surplus risk vs. funded status.

  • Identify opportunities to optimize your portfolios and/or evaluate managers by analyzing multi-year (e.g., 5-y) comparisons for cost versus net value added.

* Mandate comparisons are available to plans that completed the survey for individual mandates.

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